• Adriana Sous
    Adriana Sous,

    Having done a life coaching process with Nicolas has been one of the best gifts that I have given to myself and it also turn to be a gift for... Adriana Sous

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  • Roberto Reyes
    Roberto Reyes,

    Soy Roberto Andrés Reyes Bahamón, colombiano de 32 años, soltero y divorciado.  ¿Por qué empiezo el testimonial diciendo que soy divorciado?  Porque ese suceso fue el que me exprimió el... Roberto Reyes

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  • Natalia Numa
    Natalia Numa,

    For many years, I had heard about coaching and it was one of those things I was saying to myself, someday… I might do it, it sounds interesting, but I... Natalia Numa

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  • Helena Afanador
    Helena Afanador,

    I started talking with Nicolás in a moment of my life that I was looking for help.   What I discovered is that having a life coach is not something... Helena Afanador

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  • Andrés Páez
    Andrés Páez,

    When I decided that I want to make a change in my life, I began to think what was most important to me and the result was find my happiness.... Andrés Páez

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  • Lorena Cardona
    Lorena Cardona,

    At first I was a little skeptical about life coaching, I found it interesting but was not sure to generate a bond of trust with a stranger.   My experience... Lorena Cardona

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  • Diego Chaparro
    Diego chaparro,

    Nicolas has two qualities that I considered important for guiding and coaching, first he is a very good listener and second, he ask key questions that allows people to introspect,... Diego chaparro

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  • Hernan Ballen
    Hernán Ballén,

    Thanks to Nicholas I managed to organize my ideas and priorities and be aware that I can have peaceful life and focus on the achieving of my goals.... Hernán Ballén

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  • Alejandra Escobar
    Alejandra Escobar M,

    My experience with Nicolas was very exciting specially because I was when I was in a very difficult moment of my life, I just finished my relationship with my boyfriend... Alejandra Escobar M

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  • Emilia Mejia
    Emilia Mejía,

    It was very significant for me what I found with Nicolas coaching. It meant a big step in my life. I learned how to look at my life in a... Emilia Mejía

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  • Melisa Franco
    Melisa Franco,

    Nicolas is a very professional coach, from the coaching that I had with him, I can say that enriched me as a person allowing me a process of change through... Melisa Franco

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  • Lina Angel
    Lina Ángel,

    After searching different alternatives, in the most unexpected way I started attending one of Nicolas workshops; the first one I attended was about the grief and the second on communications... Lina Ángel

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  • Juana Cadavid
    Juana Cadavid,

    My experience with Nicolas in coaching sessions were very constructive. He is good human being and a very good professional with a high level of empathy. He helped me to... Juana Cadavid

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  • Roció Ceballos
    Roció Ceballos,

    My name is Rocio Ceballos and I would like to point it out the professionalism and capacity of Nicolas as Life Coach. For personal reasons and based on recommendation from... Roció Ceballos

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  • Bertha Victoria Pérez
    Bertha Victoria Pérez,

    There was a particular issue where I saw a profound change and I want it to highlight it because it was tormenting me for many years and did not know... Bertha Victoria Pérez

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  • Diana Jimenez

    Nicolas is a very good listener, loyal and motivated to help as much as he can people. He has the talent of discovering the point where you need to dig in... DIANA JIMENEZ

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  • David Rojas

    Nicolas is an old friend from university, and even though we drifted apart I always have always held him in high regard and acknowledged him as a kind person, hence... DAVID ROJAS

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  • Cristina Olarte

    I began the process to get my life back to front my recent separation, in a deep state of sadness and pain and with the help of Nicolas Manotas my... CRISTINA OLARTE.

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  • Angelica Casasfranco

    I have always thought that everything arrives at the right time and Nicolas entered my life in the precise moment where thanks to his help I was able to explore... ANGELICA CASASFRANCO

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  • Camila Rojas
    Camila Rojas,

    To put my experience in words may fall short because it is difficult to explain the process and place a limit on something that since it begins never ends. For... Camila Rojas

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  • Camila Arango
    Camila Arango,

    I started coaching sessions with Nicolas 9 months ago. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for a couple of years, and we decided to reach out to... Camila Arango

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  • Marisol Gomez
    Marisol Gomez,

    Nicolas is a great listener, and asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. He has helped me to find what really matters and make me happy... Marisol Gomez

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  • Andrés Puentes

    Before starting with the sessions, I believed I had everything clear, but I was wrong. I was stressed, consumed by work and left my family aside.   When I met... ANDRES PUENTES

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  • Ana María Monroy

    Nicolas handles every detail of the coaching conversation with gentleness and tenderness and that makes me feel really comfortable.   Through his guidance I was able to unleash a lot... ANA MARIA MONROY

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  • María Fernanda Montoya
    Maria Fernanda Montoya,

    Nicolas is an amazing coach. My experience with him was gratifying and satisfactory, he helped so much and taught me things I never imagine before of my life. I recommend... Maria Fernanda Montoya

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  • Maria Molina

    My life coaching experience with Nicolas has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am, what makes me tick,... MARIA MOLINA

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  • Lorena Alfonso

    Thank you Nico for allowing me to know myself, to go to the depths of my believes and discover the root of the judgments that hurt me, judgments that came... LORENA ALFONSO

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  • Claudia Gonzalez

    Thanks to the sessions with Nico y have completed cycles that in one way or another did not allow me to flow and experience happiness as I do now! I... CLAUDIA GONZALES

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Life coaching is a process of self awareness. We live our lives without knowing that the main cause of our suffering is our own interpretation of what life is. Most of our beliefs are the legacy of other peoples beliefs and we don´t even know it, but what´s even worse, is that most of the time we are not aware that the way we see life can open or close doors.

Trough coaching, you will have a companion that will guide you to have powerful conversations with your self’s and with others, by questioning the way you are understanding life, discovering through this process, that the reason why you live your life now days, is because the interpretation that you gave to earlier experiences.

The only way to get different outcomes in life is to change the way we see life. It is not enough to take different actions; if we don’t see things differently, no matter what actions we take, the result will be the same.

The path of coaching, is accepting that we haven’t finished our learning process and that life has a lot to offer for those who wants to keep transcending.

It takes one step to start shaping the life as you always wanted... Take the risk to discover what you are capable of accomplishing.

It would be my pleasure to meet you.

Any doubts? don't hesitate to contact me

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