My experience with Nicolas was very exciting specially because I was when I was in a very difficult moment of my life, I just finished my relationship with my boyfriend that I loved and had family problems at home ... To tell the truth it was zero susceptible to any therapy, coaching etc., I always thought this people were opportunist that say things at the right time just to make people cry and that was it.


My process began when Nicolas had a conversation with me and by listening to me he understood that I was struggling and he realized that I needed support from someone at such a vulnerable time and without requirement or payment he offer me a life coaching session.


When we first started my coaching session I could never imagined how many important discoveries I would have about myself. Nicolas help me to understand many aspects that I physically ignored or did not see.


With Nicolas help I started to pay attention to small details in my life. My discovery was that I was choosing not to pay attention to details because they were “insignificants” to me or at least that’s what I thought.  Nicolas point it out that those details were the basis of many of my behaviors. I'll never forget something he said to me, something like "one does not generate changes until you have identified the origin of things, once you identify them, is when you can really start to change by yourself your reality in order to stop living the same situation over an over"


Thanks to the discovering’s that I have and the tools that I learned from this coaching process, I liberate myself from all the burdens of my past that I was carrying without been aware and didn’t let me move forward with my life. I was able open my heart and mind to Nicolas and share with him aspects of my life that I didn’t tell anyone. Being able to deal with my sadness with compassion and comprehension was liberating.


It was very comforting and pleasant working with Nicolas, I think it's the coach we all need in life.

Alejandra Escobar M,