When I decided that I want to make a change in my life, I began to think what was most important to me and the result was find my happiness.


I am aware that to be happy I require two things: first emotional balance and second health.

Through an old friend I met Nicolas, one day I contact him because he wrote on his social network that he was requesting support to achieve a goal that would make him happy and it touched my heart and I wanted to accompany him on that path.


To my surprise, I was the one who ended up receiving support from him. I was looking for balance in my life and Nicolas offer me a coaching process that change my life. During this process I realized that the problems that I have, I had most of the answers but my pride or laziness didn’t allow me to listen my mind and body.


Something that apparently was so obvious that I thought I knew what I had to do, I wasn’t able accomplish it.  With Nicolas help I took care of my circumstances and I began to feel secure about my decisions and I began to prioritize what matters in my life.


Thanks Nicolas

Andrés Páez, andrespaez80@hotmail.com