My experience with Nicolas in coaching sessions were very constructive. He is good human being and a very good professional with a high level of empathy. He helped me to embraced the obstacles in my life with a very enriching approach that allowed me to continue my life without so many burdens.


One aspect that really impressed me was that I always felt very comfortable telling Nicholas my affairs, I felt that I was talking to someone who I completely trust and not an outsider who would come to judge me. With Nicolas you can tell the love he feels about life coaching, every time I need him even knowing that he was struggling with his mother illness, he was willing to assist me with good disposition and a smile.


I am very grateful for the support he gave me in the most difficult moment of my life, the death of my dad. He was a light in my path when everything was turning into darkness. I would love to continuing having Nicolas as my coach in the future.


100% recommended.

Juana Cadavid,