Nicolas is a great listener, and asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. He has helped me to find what really matters and make me happy to make important decisions on my life. Nicolas patience and gentle guidance helped me open the door to the possibilities I could unlock in my life.He has helped me to keep accountable and prioritize on what is really important to reach my personal goals.


I have been aware of how Nicolas matches his language to his client, so that there is greater clarity in the communication. He knows exactly what to ask to help me to get clarity.


I also love and find very helpful the body connection exercises he has share with me, after doing some of them on the first sessions I found how disconnected I was from my body and from the present moment and thru those exercises I feel reconnected again.


I admire the dedication and love Nicolas put on his Coaching work and how each session is a new discovery and learning experience.



Marisol Gomez,