Nicolas is a very professional coach, from the coaching that I had with him, I can say that enriched me as a person allowing me a process of change through learning, creating clarity of what I really want in my life.


Through questions and personal reflections, he took me to a state of awareness that was very difficult to achieve by myself and this has allowed me to improve my life in every aspect. Through the life coaching process with Nicholas I see a clearly path to achieve my goals and my dreams.


In the coaching sessions I worked on topics such as overcoming fears, painful romantic relationships, insecurities, harmful romantic relationships and self-esteem.


Nicolas provide me positive feedback and helped me to overcome limits, fears and beliefs. The coaching was a power tool that allowed me to take the bull by the horns and started to make decision that was need it to be done in my life
Until today I still use the tools that I learned from my life coaching process in order to be a better person in my personal and professional life.

Melisa Franco,