For many years, I had heard about coaching and it was one of those things I was saying to myself, someday… I might do it, it sounds interesting, but I had never take the initiative to go for it. A month ago, a very special person for me gave me as a present 5 coaching sessions with Nicolás and I can say that it has been one of the most special gifts I have received.
Nicolás is a person who inspires confidence, and it is that confidence that allowed me to open my heart and my mind and reflect on many relevant issues in my life.


Thanks to Nico, I know myself much better today, I value what I am and I leave behind unfounded thoughts and judgments that didn’t contribute to my life, even worse they were holding me back. Today I am sure that I have the tools to live better, to see life differently, to understand others and to be happy.

Natalia Numa,