My name is Rocio Ceballos and I would like to point it out the professionalism and capacity of Nicolas as Life Coach. For personal reasons and based on recommendation from people close to me, I decided to start a coaching process to achieve personal growth.


In that moment of my life I felt that I was trapped on many issues of my life and I was uncertain of how to deal with present reality. In the first session there was a key moment were Nicolas was able to took me back to my childhood and help me to identify which especial circumstance have marked my life and how the interpretation of that situation was a present in my adult life holding me back in many ways.


During the coaching sessions its start to become clearly how to identify the roots of my problems and even to identify problems that I wasn’t aware that exist.  With this awareness I understood way I react in automatic to many situations and I started to change my behavior.


All personal growth requires effort, dedication, guidance and support and what I received from Nicolas Coaching was the key to identify the next step on my path. With a new perspective I start to take actions that improve my life step by step


Having Nicolas support helped me to start a process of personal growth in my life and slowly let go the fear of leaving the comfort zone to explore new alternatives in my life.


There is no question that I would recommend Nicolas to anyone who is looking for guidance and coaching in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

Roció Ceballos,