When I decided that I want to make a change in my life, I began to think what was most important to me and the result was find my happiness.


I am aware that to be happy I require two things: first emotional balance and second health.

Through an old friend I met Nicolas, one day I contact him because he wrote on his social network that he was requesting support to achieve a goal that would make him happy and it touched my heart and I wanted to accompany him on that path.


To my surprise, I was the one who ended up receiving support from him. I was looking for balance in my life and Nicolas offer me a coaching process that change my life. During this process I realized that the problems that I have, I had most of the answers but my pride or laziness didn’t allow me to listen my mind and body.


Something that apparently was so obvious that I thought I knew what I had to do, I wasn’t able accomplish it.  With Nicolas help I took care of my circumstances and I began to feel secure about my decisions and I began to prioritize what matters in my life.


Thanks Nicolas

Andrés Páez, andrespaez80@hotmail.com

At first I was a little skeptical about life coaching, I found it interesting but was not sure to generate a bond of trust with a stranger.


My experience with Nicholas was very interesting, I feel that each session gave me the opportunity to see and analyze things from a different angle. Now I'm in a process of learning to forgive, to release burdens and leave behind what hurts me.


Having a life coaching process with Nico was the best decision.

Lorena Cardona, loreca25@hotmail.com

Nicolas has two qualities that I considered important for guiding and coaching, first he is a very good listener and second, he ask key questions that allows people to introspect, besides he is a role model and very coherent with what he says and thinks.


The support that I felt during the coaching sessions make me felt comfortable and allow me to open myself in confident and trustful space which generated intimacy and allow me to work in different areas of my life that need to be take care of.


His wisdom and human qualifications is an incredible gift for his clients, I think that's what has led him to be the coach who he is today.


Diego chaparro, dichapa@hotmail.com

Thanks to Nicholas I managed to organize my ideas and priorities and be aware that I can have peaceful life and focus on the achieving of my goals.

Hernán Ballén, hernan.ballen@gmail.com