Nicolas is an amazing coach. My experience with him was gratifying and satisfactory, he helped so much and taught me things I never imagine before of my life.

I recommend him as your coach!!


Maria Fernanda Montoya, mafe_montoya@hotmail.com

My life coaching experience with Nicolas has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am, what makes me tick, and what those goals really are.


He has the gift of being able to find the hidden treasures that allow me to achieve those goals.


MARIA MOLINA, mamolina1212@gmail.com

Thank you Nico for allowing me to know myself, to go to the depths of my believes and discover the root of the judgments that hurt me, judgments that came from the wound of my mother and that not necessarily have to continue to be my reality.


Thank you for helping me to allow myself to be vulnerable in each session and allowing me to forgive myself, to thank myself for following the voice of my heart and understanding that if life changes, y also change; that change and pause are part of the ride and that the search for perfection would only leave me with dissatisfaction.


Thanks for opening the path to loving myself, believing in myself, reconciling with my artistic Self as ballerina and to celebrate my daily life with love for myself and coherence.


LORENA ALFONSO, lorenalfonsobejarano@gmail.com

Thanks to the sessions with Nico y have completed cycles that in one way or another did not allow me to flow and experience happiness as I do now! I was able, through conversations, to let go of painful situations and heal them with love.


 After all that all was a moment of awakening to my recognition as a human being and most of all as a woman. Feeling proud of myself and initiating the construction of my life project postponed for more than 15 years.


 Today I take the place where I belong without fear of expressing what I feel and want. Today I make requests with clarity, affirming the life that I want for myself and finding a balance enjoying the present moment.


Thank you Nico!! You achieved it with me. Any person to which to provide your valuable support will be able to discover that something that we alone do not or cannot see.


Thank you for your company, understanding, not judging, hugs and feedback. In all, for taking care of my intimacy from the confidentiality of our conversations and for taking me hand in hand to a new awakening, infinitely in gratitude with you.


CLAUDIA GONZALES, claoglez@gmail.com