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Personal relationships are complex, there are many circumstances that depend on day-to-day life and couples require compassion to understand each other’s points of view and the ability to constantly redesign. Not having the right tools for effective communication leads to unnecessary conflict and suffering instead of happiness, peace of mind, and connection.

Although more than 30 years ago it was considered that relationships were more solid and lasting, the main reason is not because they were more stable and with better communication (although of course there were many cases in which they were). Sadly, in the past, many things were kept quiet and society was very permissive, which led to couples “living together” unhappily for many years.

We live in a world in which we increasingly depersonalize personal relationships, where “assuming” and “interpreting” became a daily dose that leads us to misunderstandings, reproaches, and suffering. It is hard for us to ask in a clear and direct way; saying NO is a right that many times we do not know how to exercise, and we live as absolute realities beliefs that we have developed about others and about ourselves that limit our possibilities.

The purpose of this program is to support couples to generate effective communication, learn to listen to the other beyond the literalness of words, learn to interpret and listen to the body, delve into emotions, generate agreements, keep the word and carry out timely claims.

The program is made up of 6 coaching sessions where each person will have two personalized individual sessions and then there will be two joint sessions for the couple.

Who is it for?

  1. To those couples who are in constant conflict and feel that no matter what they do, their relationship is getting worse, taking them to the brink of separation.

The purpose of this program is to support you:

  • Challenge and break limiting beliefs.
  • Be sincere and honest.
  • Understand the perspective of the other from a point of view that opens up possibilities.
  • Generate effective communication.
  • Strengthen ties.
  • Generate a balance between the different areas of your life, understanding that one cannot and should not function without the others.
  • Forgive, forgive and be forgiven heal situations that do not allow them to move forward as a couple.
  • Generate clear, express and enforceable agreements.
  • Make timely claims
  • Empower them to take actions that lead to different and concrete results.

In this program you will go through 3 stages:

  1. Introspection : Each person will receive two one-on-one coaching sessions of approximately 2 hours each session. You will work with the client to do an introspection of himself where he will learn to identify the interpretations that he gives to the different events that occur in the couple’s dynamics and the way in which he is communicating.
  2. Awareness: After having worked individually with each person, the first joint session will be held, which may last around 3 hours. In this session, exercises and couple dynamics will be carried out that promote learning and effective communication. The couple will generate awareness of the way they think and will begin to see and understand aspects that you did not perceive before and that were always present.
  3. Building : The last stage closes with a joint session of approximately 3 hours where dynamics and exercises will continue that will allow each person to recognize their partner from greatness and will deepen the creation of new agreements. Once a new awareness and clear agreements have been generated, we will establish an action plan that reinforces the learning obtained during the program with a view to obtaining different results that are sustainable over time.

Duration of the program:

  • 2 months (depending on the client’s time availability, it can be done in a month)


  • Process of 6 coaching sessions $590 USD*

*(Note) The value indicated above applies only for advance payment of the 6 sessions. If each session is paid separately, the face-to-face session has a cost of $120 USD


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