Nicolas Manotas

My story

I graduated from Law School with a Master in Business Law. What is interesting about this is that I only worked as a lawyer for a year even though I spent almost seven years studying to become a lawyer as my mother, my grandfather and many other relatives.

Before I finished College, I started a University Dorms business. The reason of this, it was because I was trying to find a way to earn more income to support the long distance relationship that I started 11 years ago with the woman who now days is my wife. What I could never imagine is that this step was going to be the first one of the new path that I was getting into.

Without planning it, I left behind one of the most popular beliefs, the belief that one has to become what one has studied and make a life out of it. At the beginning, I had some claims from my mother and friends for trying something different for not working as a lawyer. Eventually, things started to work  out and because I started seeing life from a different perspective, I continued questioning other beliefs, opening new doors with new possibilities.

At that moment, I began a path of self-knowledge by attending workshops, working with the community and helping others to achieve their goals. Eventually, this path took me to the next step and that was to become a certified Ontology Life Coach at NEWFIELD NETWORK and a  Associate Certified Life Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Certificacion Coach ICF

Certificación Internacion Life Coach – ICF –

Certificacion Newfield

Certificación Life Coach Ontológico – Newfield Network –

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