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Welcome. The fact that you`re here reading about a coaching process, indicates that, whichever the reason, you accept that there is space in your life for further learning and that you want to start or continue a process of personal growth where your emotional, physical and mental worlds are about to potentialize.

Following you will find the coaching programs that are currently available for you:


shutterstock_236191663Many times, by means of instinct or because others notice and tell us, we realize that there is something in our lives that is not working the way we would like it, and even though we may have a slight idea what it may be, we cannot find the way or the tools to change our circumstances.

“FINDING OUT WHAT`S UP WITH ME” is a self-knowledge process where you will have approximately 10 hours of one-on-one coaching during an approximate time lapse of a month and a half. Here you will have a chance to share with me personally (if we are in the same city) or via Skype, and together we will discover what are the limitating beliefs or thoughts that do not allow you to obtain the results that you want.

In this program you will understand that the reason why you behave and think in a certain way today is because of not being conscious that things that happened in the past today have an impact on the parameters of your life. It is the perfect opportunity to reinforce a specific subject or situation that you are currently going through or to untangle a cycle situation that has appeared in your life over and over.


Presential  $590 USD

Via Skype $490 USD


cometaLiving thoroughly is a matter of balance. We have a mistaken belief that it is not possible to have it all and that for an area of our lives to be well others have to be bad. An example of this are those people that professionally are very successful but whose personal relations are completely uncared for, in this scenario the belief is that I must work all the time to be successful and only until the day arrived that I have everything I want will I have time for my partner, family and friends.

“Lifting the kite of my life” is a coaching program that uses the metaphor of a Kite where each corner is an area of your life. Under this metaphor your life is composed of the following areas: 1. Family, 2. Personal Relations, 3. Partner, 4. Money/Finances, 5. Health/ Physical body, 6. Community, 7. Spirituality, 8. Work/Studies/Profession, 9. Recreation. For this kite to take lift and fly it is necessary for all the corners to have a similar percentage, on the contrary it will fall each time it tries to fly.

Pursuant to this, we will evaluate the percentage that you currently have for each area of your life and how balanced “your kite”, and with this initial map we will begin to strengthen, change or modify thoughts and actions that bring us to find the appropriate balance for your life.

During approximately 4 months, we will share around 30 hours of one-to-one coaching, where you will have the opportunity to share with me personally (if we are in the same city) or via Skype and together we will discover how you are living your life and focus it to where you want to take it.

The harmonious interaction of different areas of your life is what generates the balance and well-being in your day to day. For this reason, during the coaching sessions we will depend and weave each of the areas of your life identifying in the process different ways to see and interpret the world as only like this will you obtain different results sustainable in time.

The objective of this program as previously mentioned, is to acquire tools that allow the high flying of the kite of your life and identify how you are thinking, feeling and acting each time something happens to you and this way be conscious of where you want to go.


Presential $990 USD

Via Skype $890 USD

Learning spaces for a Coaching Process:

Depending on what we work on during your process, these are some learning spaces that you can acquire:

1. You will defy your limitating beliefs to step outside of your comfort zone.

2. You will begin to see the world from another perspective and begin to take action that will take you toward different results.

3.  You will generate consciousness on the current state of the different areas of your life such as are: 1. Family, 2. Personal Relations, 3. Partner, 4. Money/Finances, 5. Health/ Physical body, 6. Community, 7. Spirituality, 8. Work/Studies/Profession, 9. Recreation; establishing concrete plans to change, organize and upgrade such areas with the objective of generating balance in your life.

4. You will be flawless with your Word. Learn to commit to yourself and other to execute actions.

5. You will understand that there are different points of view and learn to accept that everybody see the world from a different perspective, which allows a greater openness and flexibility in day to day life.

6. You will connect with your emotions and learn to listen to the message that each emotion brings to your life. You will understand that there are no good or bad emotions but instead each emotion has light and shadow therefore the importance of living each emotion thoroughly.

7. You will learn to perform breathing exercises that will allow you to center your mind and find inner peace and calm.

8. You will stop victimizing yourself learning to forgive others, ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself.

9. You will be responsible for all that you have been ignoring and that you hoped that others would be in charge of.

10. From compassion you will recognize and value yourself for the incredible human being that you are.

11. You will reaffirm that happiness flows from within you and not from the circumstances that surround you.

12. You will make declarations focused on opening doors instead of closing them.

13. You will communicate better and relate better with others.

14. You will connect with your inner child and discover how to learn from him.

15. You will learn to carry your life more lightly.

16. You will establish routines and habits that will allow you to reach your objectives.

17. You will make declarations with specific achievable purposes in short, medium and long term.



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