Nicolas Manotas


We live without knowing that the main cause of our suffering is the interpretation we give to the different experiences of our lives. This happens because we live under a series of beliefs and paradigms that guide our lives without knowing that in most cases, these are the ones that close off possibilities and we don’t realize it. What is worse, we are not aware that these beliefs are NOT ours, but are the legacy of other people.

With coaching, you will have the company of someone who will guide you to have powerful conversations with yourself and with others. We will question the way in which you are giving meaning to life, we will discover through this process that the reason why you act and perceive the world in a certain way is due to the interpretation you have given to previous experiences.

The only way to obtain different results is to change the perception we have of life. It is not enough to take different actions but we see the world with different eyes, because no matter what actions we take, eventually the results will be the same again.

The coaching path is to accept that we never stop learning and that life has a lot to offer to those who want to continue growing as human beings. It takes one small step to start building the life you’ve always dreamed of. Take the risk of discovering what you are capable of achieving when you decide to seek and transcend the best version of yourself.

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